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Admin - Tiny CGI Log Aggregator
This is the single CGI that I use to view all Tiny CGI logs plus the CGI error log on my server. As is, it reads my Apache error log, and whatever other logs I am using (varies wildly from version to version). To use the error log part you will have to alter the path to the error file and the two array indices which pull the basename of the CGI out of the 404 line. Then set your remote IP and you are ready to go. A call to /cgi-bin/admin.cgi gives you the logs and /cgi-bin/admin.cgi?mode=env gives you the remote environment plus any post data you send it.
dnld admin 2 kb - 04feb15

Blink - Tiny Public Blog
Blink is a small public-access blog engine. It supports running multiple blogs. It displays a main page and links for accessing older posts. It allows a reader to search for posts. Each blog can be oldest post first or newest post first. Any blog can be set to take public posts or allow comments. Admin functions include archiving all blogs and the viewing and deletion of new posts and comments. Posts can also utilize a semiotic bolding of definitions and automatic linking to all definitions. All functionality is in one CGI file under 16 kb.
dnld blink 8 kb - 11nov13

Blip - The Tiniest Blog
Blip is a tiny Bash blog engine. There is a 3kb blog engine serving multiple blogs. There is also a 1kb post engine and a 2kb write engine for remote posting by IP address access.
dnld blip 3 kb - 24nov13

Exchanges - Structured Dialectical CGI
Exchanges is a Bash CGI script that publishes open posts sequentially. It allows new posts to be injected between older posts. Owners of posts may edit or delete them. Anyone may comment on them. By default, one views the entire document.
dnld exchanges 10 kb - 08may17

Huida - Scaling an Individual Response to the Internet
Huida provides user query access to a single individual's responses. Scaling the potential demand to individual capacity is done by using PayPal for purchasing access. It could also be done through any other method of dispensing access tokens to throttle demand. Huida is a single 12kb Bash CGI script which handles the threads of query and response and all admin functions. It also generates static pages of user-published content to a public venue.
dnld huida 5 kb - 22nov13

Illich Post - A Simple Skill Exchange CGI
Ivan Illich proposed that there be Skill Exchanges where students can come to find lists of teachers. Illich Post is a single CGI script that creates an individualized Skill Exchange just by writing one HTML file.
dnld illich post 4 kb - 10oct12

Ivan Post - A Simple Peer Matching CGI
Ivan Illich proposed Peer Matching facilities where people could come to find other people to do specific things together with. Ivan Post is a single CGI script that creates an individualized Peer Matching site just by writing one HTML file. Note that ivan.cgi has nothing to do with peer-to-peer technology. It is more of a very loose social-networking facilitator. (I add this because search keyphrases show people come here looking for the peer-to-peer stuff.)
dnld ivan post 4 kb - 10oct12

Mu2 - HTML Markup Engine with CGI Wrapper
Mu2 is a small awk script which converts a groff-like markup to HTML. Mu2.cgi is a small shell script wrapper for using mu2 on the web. Here's a mu source example and its HTML derivative.
dnld mu2 1 kb - 17sep11

Tooner - Show Sequential Images
Tooner serves multiple cartoon blogs which consist of a header, a footer, a title, a description, and some images.
dnld tooner 3 kb - 15feb16

Treebeard - Community Topical Forest
Treebeard is a system of CGI scripts that create an open topical forest. This is a community Web site approach that lets each user tend his or her own branch of the tree. It includes the treebeard, treedonly, treeadmin, and treeimage CGI scripts
dnld treebeard 8 kb - 10oct12

The Deep Server
The deep server isn't exactly Bash. It's in C and Lua. But it is tiny. Does lots of stuff -- web content, logging, blogging, I forget what all it does. Enjoy.
dnld deep 150 kb - 08jul14

Contact info is here